Saturday, October 10, 2009

Urban Dare Nashville Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in Urban Dare Nashville.

Here was our stumper clue: Get your picture with a guitar that is three stories tall. You will find it at (unscramble for 2 words) REALYTAVL Guitar.

Congratulations to Rex & Brett Miller, father and son team, who won with a time of 1:47:59.

Ryan and Amy Taylor were the only other team to finish under 2 hours. Jennifer Flowers & Jason Marienfield used their 5 minute bonus to pass Kellye Smith and Kristen Pfister and take third place.

For the stumper clue, many teams came back with a picture of the big guitar in front of the Hard Rock Cafe. It is well under three stories and you couldn't unscramble the word to form hard rock. The correct guitar is on the Art Valley Guitar building on 12th street. Everyone went past this landmark on their way to get their photo with the Pontiac sign.

Here are the top 5 finishers of Urban Dare Nashville:

1:47:19 - Rex Miller & Brett Miller - Miller
1:57:42 - Ryan Taylor & Amy Taylor - Swift Taylors
2:18:22 - Jennifer Flowers & Jason Marienfeld - Team J
2:20:40 - Kellye Smith & Kristen Pfister - Laverne & Shirley
2:33:39 - Edward Brewer & Stephanie Dahmer - Dirty Monkeys