Thursday, October 25, 2007

Urban Dare Philadelphia Top 5 Finishers

Congratulations to Tara Connolly and Kelli Devine of the Incredibles for winning Urban Dare Philadelphia in just over 2 hours. .

The five minute bonus came into play in the 2nd through 4th place finishes. Cindy Newman and Aric Campling of the Scout’s Pals entered the Irish Pub second and finished their final dare before 2 other teams, but did not get their photo with the dog. Darcy Clark & Bryan Selm, and Christopher & Kim Goodwin got the 5 minute bonus pic to leapfrog over Scout’s Pals into 2nd and 3rd place.

Here are the top five finishers:

2:04:39 – Tara Connolly & Kelli Devine – The Incredibles
2:07:56 – Darcee Clark & Bryan Selm
2:08:59 – Christopher Goodwin & Kim Goodwin – Shannon’s Crew
2:09:52 – Cindy Newman & Aric Campling – Scout’s Pals
2:13:23 –David Sidoriak & Chrissy Trickel – Sid & Trix

Thank you to everyone who participated in Urban Dare Philadelphia. I really enjoyed the post-race feedback and look forward to coming back next year.

And the dog? You’ll find it in front of the North Third Bar.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Urban Dare NY Top Five Finishers

As we were getting ready to start Urban Dare New York, my brother Christopher looked over the entrants. He pointed to Harvey Fine & Wilson Wang of the Orient Express (pictured here), said that they looked the hungriest, and his money was on them. After the start, Orient Express spent some time looking over their clue sheets and started moving north. Knowing that there were no checkpoints in that direction, we figured he may have picked the wrong team.

David & Laura Brienza, the Idols of Youth, were the first team in at the finish and the first to complete the final challenge. The Orient Express came in shortly after them and finished their challenge a few minutes later. In checking their pictures, they got their picture with the plaque at City Hall Park that gave them a five minute bonus. With this bonus, the Orient Express moved into first place. Congratulations!

Two Blind Mice were also in at the finish beginning their final dare before a winner was determined. Close behind were the Dulce Daddies and Stratton Baby.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the day a success.

Here are the top five finishers:

1:53:46 - Harvey Fine & Wilson Wang - The Orient Express
1:55:09 - David & Laura Brienza - Idols of Youth
1:59:49 - Stephen Anania & Dawn Schaal - Two Blind Mice
2:02:58 - Joseph Pinto & Tony Osborn - Dulce Daddies
2:04:05 - Marcus Huang & Renee Hui - Stratton Baby

The next Urban Dare NY will start in Central Park on May 10. I'm looking forward to exploring some new neighborhoods.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Urban Dare Seattle - Sat Oct 6

Urban Dare Seattle starts at Noon this Saturday Oct 6 at Victor Steinbrueck Park, next to Pike Place Market. We will begin check-in at 11:15 and will be taking registration up to the start of the race.

You must wear your Urban Dare shirts throughout the race, which we will give you at check-in. You should bring a cell phone and a digital camera to show your pictures at the end of the race. A cell phone camera will work. Maps are also handy and you should have someone to call to help look up clues. I also recommend a pen or pencil to take notes.

Urban Dare is the race where smarts can beat speed. Teams of 2 solve clues to find checkpoints where they must take photos or perform dares.

The Urban Dare start is unique. We will ask multiple choice trivia questions and you will move into A, B, C or D areas depending on your answer. Get a few answers correct and you are on your way. This gives us a staggered start, but we'll be through it quickly. You may not use your phones at this stage of the race.

Once you are out of the starting blocks, you will pick up your clue sheets and be on your way. You can call friends as much as you want for help on clues. For the checkpoints that mention a dare, you must check in with the Urban Dare official, accomplish your task, and get your passport stamped before moving on. On checkpoints that mention a photo, you must get a photo with both team members to show you were both there.

This is a team race. You must be together throughout the race. You may walk, run or use public transportation to get to checkpoints.

At checkpoints with dares, you must accomplish a task and get your passport stamped to move on to the next checkpoint. Dares range from throwing a bulls-eye, doing a climbing wall, completing a puzzle or eating something (things people like, not bugs).

We expect the winners will finish the race in about 2 hours and most of you will finish under 4 hours. We are working to provide a fun-filled day for you, while providing some good challenges.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Urban Dare San Francisco Top 5

It was déjà vu all over again. Just like last year Valerie Herzog & Jennifer Gammon of team Speedy arrived at the finish at the same time as Chris Simpson & Lisa Clarke. Team Speedy lived up to their name and finished the final dare for first place. Congratulations on a well-run race.

Mark Davenport & Shannon Connolly of the Incredibles came in third place, a bug improvement upon their finish in the previous week’s Urban Dare San Diego.

Here is the clue that gave people the hardest time:

I’ve got the urge to send you to the Urge. Go there and get your picture with it. 3:00 minute time bonus – Get it both standing and sitting.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Urban Dare San Francisco.

Here are the top 5 teams in order:

2:16:51 - Valerie Herzog & Jennifer Gammon – Speedy
2:18:27 - Chris Simpson & Lisa Clarke
2:41:34 - Mark Davenport & Shannon Connolly - The Incredibles
3:09:38 – Gregory deBeer & David Alyea – Desert Taxi
3:28:41 – Edward & Tara Kramlich – Kramlich Enterprises

The Urge is a sculpture in Yerba Buena Gardens. Next to it is a bench that if you sit on it, then the sculpture sits as well.