Saturday, June 19, 2010

Urban Dare Seattle Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in Urban Dare Seattle.

The Avenging Narwhals, John & Eric Zobel, successfully defended their title of Urban Dare Seattle Champions. They've become the team to beat in Seattle. Given their record, I can't figure out just what it is they are out to avenge.

Matt Mast & Milena Basile of Ah-Man came in second. Kimberly Koenig & Dani VonGunten of Mama Said Knock you Out took third place honors, and won first place for best dressed.

Also pictured is the First Family - Lisa Dufresne, Connor Jason, Chelsea Peare & Alexis Dye of shiny angry people.

Here are the top 5 finishers of Urban Dare Seattle:

1:20:30 - John Zobel & Eric Zobel - Avenging Narwhals
1:37:12 - Matt Mast & Milena Basile - Ah-Man
1:43:50 - Kimberly Koenig & Dani VonGunten - Mama Said Knock you Out
1:51:18 - Dan Nolte & Katherine Fountain Mackinnon - The Viaduct Tunnelers
1:54:42 - Tai Luu & Wilson Wang - Chickety China the Chinese Chicken

Monday, June 14, 2010

Urban Dare Chicago Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in Urban Dare Chicago.

Congratulations to Anand Parekh & Dan Daly who finished in a time of 1:47:47.

Second place went to Carann & Patrick Flynn, and Julie Miyamasu & Laura Busse came in 3rd.

Here are the top 5 finishers of Urban Dare Chicago:

1:47:47 - Anand Parekh & Daly Dan - Daly / Parekh
2:07:32 - Carann Flynn & Patrick Flynn - Iowa Flyers
2:37:02 - Julie Miyamasu & Laura Busse - Team KBM
2:39:09 - Elizabeth Charton & Traci Blazosky - Team MILF
2:39:55 - Bjorn Hanson & Mark Shirbroun - Twack And Field

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Urban Dare Minneapolis Winners

Thank you to everyone who competed in Urban Dare Minneapolis.

Congratulations to David Stillman & Erik Reisetter for winning in a time of 1:12:56.

Second place honors went to Greta & Nathan Hanson, and Amado Sleiman & Todd Petit came in third.

The first family was the Urban Marines - MIke LOCASCIO, Luke LoCASCIO & Clay Penca.

Here was the clue that caused a good deal of separation in the race:

The USS Minneapolis served in the Pacific theater of operations during World War II, and fought in many of the major sea battles. Get your picture with a bell for the USS Minneapolis.

As it turns out, there happens to be 2 USS Minneapolis bells in the metropolitan area. The one from the ship that served in WWII is located downtown next to the convention center. The other bell is located on the northeastern shore of Lake Calhoun, a good distance away from all the other checkpoints. The ship it comes from, also the USS MInneapolis, was commissioned in 1896 and decomissioned in 1921.

Here are the top 5 finishers of Urban Dare Minneapolis:

1:12:56 AM - David Stillman & Erik Reisetter - Stillman/Reisetter
1:14:52 AM - Greta Hanson & Nathan Hanson - FTW
1:17:31 AM - Amado Sleiman & Todd Petit - Vegas Express
1:33:26 AM - Toby Neal & Tom Daymont - Unky's Bar and Grille
1:44:45 AM - Julie Weninger & Mark Weninger - JUMA