Saturday, October 03, 2009

Philadelphia Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in Urban Dare Philadelphia. Pictured here are the top 3 teams and the first family team.

The closest we had to a stumper clue was:

"Do bells whisper? Yes, when they are tolling of freedom. Get your picture with these bells."

Congratulations to Ed Wagner and Ryan Vellia who won with a time of 2:01:43. They win the Super Dare Cruise.

Mary Baker & Erica Scopino of the Lovely Lolitas finished second. Trang Nguyen & Kristy Chernin came in third place. They narrowly beat the Boulangerie Babes who suffered a 1 minute penalty for getting a picture of the Florence inscription instead of the Tel Aviv inscription at Sister City Plaza.

Donna, Mel, Heather & Jimmy Mchugh along with Donna Garrett were the first family team.

On the stumper clue, most teams correctly came back with a picture of the Whispering Bells of Freedom sculpture in front of the African American Museum. A few came back with a picture of the Liberty Bell. Then again, after it was cracked, it no longer tolled. Perhaps it whispers, too.

Here are the top 5 finishers of Urban Dare Philadelphia:

2:01:43 - Edward Wagner & Ryan Vellia - Clubedventures
2:38:32 - Mary Baker & Erica Scopino - The Lovely Lolitas
2:46:08 - Trang Nguyen & Kristy Chernin - Red Nanos
2:46:28 - Janna Giaimuccio & Sarah Rosin - Boulangerie babes
2:50:31 - Scott Harris & Bryan Selm - Poundenzevag