Sunday, September 13, 2009

Urban Dare San Francisco Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in Urban Dare San Francisco.

Congratulations to Martin Dent & Colby Leno of Taintastic! who won with a time of 1:37:57. We now have 18 teams that have won the Super Dare cruise.

Second place went to Paula Kwok & Jason Jung of the Clowns and third place honors go to kat walsh & paul bixenstine.

Christina Corley, Cristian Porter, Katie Klug & Brandon Klug of the Fearless Four won the First Family. Well done.

My favorite checkpoint was human structures where you had to count the number of human forms in the sculpture. Almost all teams correctly counted 62 of them. Only about 12 teams got their picture with an acupuncture doll.

We will let you know when our videos come out from the race footage. We'll put something up on the site, but more importantly we will now have something to show to the channels we've been talking with about turning Urban Dare into a traveling reality show. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

Here are the 5 finishers of Urban Dare San Francisco:

1:37:57 AM - Martin Dent & Colby Leno - Taintastic!
2:00:43 AM - Paula Kwok & Jason Jung - The Clowns
2:13:45 AM - kat walsh & paul bixenstine - 261
2:28:34 AM - Clint Thomas & Ben Voiles - The Hustlehoff's
2:34:15 AM - Milena Basile & Matthew Mast - Ah-Man!