Saturday, September 26, 2009

Urban Dare Oklahoma City top teams

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first ever Urban Dare Oklahoma City.

Congratulations to Priscilla Ferguson & Sarah Paxson of Playing with Fire for coming in first with a time of 1:33:01. They came in 2nd place in May's Dallas race, and came up here determined to win the Super Dare race.

Terri Taylor & Mitch Ruzzoli came in second and third place honors went to Micah McCarty & Justin Fortney.

The Chisums were the first family to finish.

Some people thought I was being tricky by asking people to tell me at the finish how many people were in the red sculpture at the Bank of America building. Originally this clue was going to send you to the Land Run Monument and it would have been fun to have you count all the people depicted in that. When I ran the routes, I discovered this would have made the race a little too long. So I changed the checkpoint to the red sculpture and meant to have you count the number of pieces in it. For those of you who are curious, there are 14 pieces in the sculpture.

We are looking forward to growing the race next year.

Here are the top five teams of Urban Dare Oklahoma City:

1:33:01 - Priscilla Ferguson & Sarah Paxson -Playing with Fire
1:45:45 - Terry Taylor & Mtich Ruzzoli -Team MeOk
1:49:56 - micah McCarty & justin fortney -McFortney
1:51:56 - wendy gabrielson & dana vance -metro chicks
2:09:19 - Sean Fleming & Crissy Fleming -The Texas Two Step