Saturday, June 20, 2009

Urban Dare Seattle Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in Urban Dare Seattle. It was a good way to spend the first day of Summer.

Congratulations to John and Eric Zobel of the Avenging Narwhals for winning Urban Dare Chicago in a time of 1:48:20. They also won last year.

Lynn Williams & Michael Stephens came in second, and third place honors went to Matt Mast & Milena Basile.

Colin, Connie & Zoe Ness - Super Flying Ninja Monkeys were the first family.

Here are the results of Urban Dare Seattle:

1:48:20 - John Zobel & Eric Zobel - Avenging Narwhals
2:17:06 - Lynn Williams & Michael Stephens - The Enginerds
2:27:37 - Matt Mast & Milena Basile - Ah-Man
2:28:04 - Jillian Williamson & Grant Williamson - Williamson
2:35:58 - Trisha Garbrick & Randy Garbrick - Garbrick