Sunday, June 14, 2009

Urban Dare Chicago Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in Urban Dare Chicago. I always have fun with this race.

Congratulations to Tim Klont and Doug Willaman of the Cocktailers for winning Urban Dare Chicago in a time of 3:02:39. They are looking forward to their Royal Caribbean cruise next February.

Jennifer Ashmore & Denise Vincente of the Scrubs came in second, and third place honors went to Brian Ashmore & Dave Leatherbury of Scratch & Sniff.

Also pictured are the First Family winners David Cross, Ted Geistling, Mark Hart & Chuck McKenna of Irv and Ted's Excellent Adventurers.

We still have one more winner to be determined. Please send your photos for best picture contest to this email address by 6pm Wednesday.

Here are the top 5 finishers of Urban Dare Chicago:

3:02:39 - Tim Klont & Doug Willaman - The Cocktailers
3:20:58 - Jennifer Ashmore & Denise Vincente - The Scrubs
3:21:04 - Brian Ashmore & Dave Leatherbury - Scratch & Sniff
3:23:08 - Deborah Ballis & Ian Greengross - Jake & Samantha
3:29:30 - Tarek Amin & Danish Shahab - Dozilla