Monday, June 23, 2008

Urban Dare Helena - Top 5 Finishers

Thank you to everyone who came out for the first ever Urban Dare Helena.

Congratulations to Valerie Pallister & Dave Burningham of Team UPS who finished with an impressive time of 1:42:35. Andy Verbanac & Melanie Dayton finished second and third place honors went to Michael Miller & Amber McClure.

I always enjoy finding landmarks that people pass by every day, but have no idea what they are. My sister Erin (the reason Urban Dare came to Helena) reports that she was in Hill Park twenty feet away from the fountain, which is the northernmost memorial to confederate soldiers. She asked several people if they knew where the memorial was and nobody could tell her. She gave up and moved on to other checkpoints, before she backtracked to get her picture with this fountain.

Here are the top 5 finishers of Urban Dare Helena:

Valerie Pallister & Dave Burningham – Team UPS
Andy Verbanac & Melanie Dayton – Urine Trouble
Michael Miller & Amber McClure – Go backoff in your own jackyard
Aspen Incashola & Erin Stephen – MFB’s
Natalie Gibson & Alex O’Dell – The Triple Threat