Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Urban Dare Denver Top 5 Finishers

Thank you to everyone who made our first Urban Dare Denver a success.

Congratulations to Christopher Baker & Ryan Ruddell of Herb & Heir for winning in an impressive time of 1:37:06. Second place went to Erica & Jeff Jorgensen, and Sasheen Foronda & Brian Sheer came in third.

The stumper clue of the day was getting your picture with the 9/11 memorial. I think the problem in finding it is that there are too many hits under 9/11 when you search. There is a 9/11 memorial prominently placed on the corner of Washington and 13th Street that looks like a 10' tall red aids awareness ribbon. It is also marked on some of the downtown maps. In the firefighters museum there is a 9/11 memorial with a piece of the fallen World Trade Center with a plaque and other items around it. I also ended up accepting pictures of people with the Denver World Trade Center.

We’ll definitely make this an annual event.

Here are the top 5 finishers of Urban Dare Denver:

1:37:06 - Christopher Baker & Ryan Ruddell - Herb & Heir
2:12:43 - Erica Jorgensen & Jeff Jorgensen - Jorg
2:22:56 - Sasheen Foronda & Brian Shear
2:33:34 - Calli Neistat & Luke Schafer - The Juicy Hotdogs
2:34:58 - Leigh Flanagan & Suzanne Spruce - Shirtless Neighbor Boy