Sunday, November 04, 2007

Urban Dare San Antonio

Here was the stumper clue of what turned out to be a fascinating race:

"This museum was once a Lone Star Brewery. Get your picture with the Shrouded Entry in front of it."

Pictured here is Joe Koizen with the Roxanne Flores & Connie Basel of the Get Out Girls. I chose this picture, because of the little girl in the background. The Get Out Girls are the Urban Dare San Antonio Champions and Joe is a strong champion for San Antonio.

Joe, along with Jen Miller and her husband Drew, did the March race in Austin. We were hanging out after the race and they talked me into doing a San Antonio race. Not only did they help put together and work the race, but Jen and Drew also put me up at their house. Many thanks:)

A week before the race, I received an email from Megan Rutledge asking if she and her husband could bring along their 10 year old son Garrett. She said they didn't care about winning, they'd just have more fun with Garrett along. Imagine my surprise when they were the first team to show up and completed their dare before any other team arrived. We all got very excited about them maybe taking first place and started reviewing their pics. Alas, the stumper got them and they had to ultimately settle for 10th place.

Suzanna & Pete Swanson of the Posers and Bradley & Brian Book of the Banned Books were the second and third teams in at the finish, but they, too, got stumped. The Banned Books decided they were going to back for the Shrouded Entry.

The Get Out Girls, our champions, were the tenth team to succesfully complete all checkpoints in a time of 2:57:53. Close on their heels were Kylie Clayborne & Kristen King of Red River Runners and next were Estelle Mack and Pia Puno of Macapuno.

The desire award goes to the Banned Books who returned one hour and twenty-one minutes after completing their final dare. They came back with the Shrouded Entry shot and were the 9th and last team to successfully complete all checkpoints.

I tell people that Urban Dare is the race where smarts can beat speed. That's exactly what happened in Urban Dare San Antonio.

Here are the top five:

2:57:53 - Connie Basel & Roxanne Flores - Get out Girls
2:58:44 - Kylie Clayborne & Kristen King - Red River Runners
2:59:01 - Estelle Mack & Pia Puno - Macapuno
3:02:56 - Sharon Burns & Ed Gonzalez - Rack Pack
3:07:18 - Shawn Hood & Harry Hood

Texas is starting to get to me. In a good way, of course. We will have a Texas series next year, and already have three races scheduled. I'll probably add a Houston area race. In the March 29 Urban Dare Austin, we are hoping to open the race by setting a World Record.

The schedule is Mar 29 Austin, May 3 Dallas, TBA San Antonio.

And the stumper?

The San Antonio Museum of Art's building is in the National Historic Register as a former Lone Star Brewery. There is but one statue smack dab in front of this building. It is titled "Shrouded Entry." Almost everyone passed by close enough to touch it.