Monday, September 24, 2007

Urban Dare San Diego Top 5

One thing about scheduling a race in San Diego is that you can always count on nice weather. At least, you usually can. It rained most of Saturday morning, but cleared up about an hour before the start. Sometimes, you just get lucky.

Congratulations to Geoffrey Sheppard & Monica Hoffman for winning Urban Dare San Diego in a time of 2:37:26. James Floyd and Dan Hamman finished their
final dare 2 minutes later to finish in second place.

Third place honors go to team Us. Last year’s winners, Chris Campin & Paul Kim, had to settle for fourth place this year.

Team Rocket Race puts on their own race called Rocket Race. You can find info on it at Their next race is November 10.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Urban Dare San Diego.

2:37:26 - Geoffrey Sheppard & Monica Hoffman - P.T. Pirates
2:39:36 - James Floyd & Dan Hamman – Rocket Race
2:46:15 - David Schmidt & Eric Nelson – Us
2:50:19 – Chris Campin & Paul Kim – SDUDDS II
3:05:17 – Mark Warble & Pete Argyrakis – Gregarious Athletes Yielding Style