Thursday, September 06, 2007

Urban Dare Los Angeles Top 5 Finishers

Congratulations to Adam Umhoefer and Jay Bridges of Shake and Bake for their first place finish in Saturday’s Urban Dare Los Angeles.

The statue of Raoul Wallenberg and the frieze of Marilyn Monroe proved to be the two toughest checkpoints.

The Terrier-ists received a 5:00 minute bonus for getting a photo of a 6 person pyramid, enabling them to leapfrog Chris Papiernick and Rich Paisley to finish in 5th place.

1:29:55 - Adam Umhoefer & Jay Bridges – Shake and Bake
1:32:56 – Gabe Brakin & Dominic Ferullo
1:38:06 – Richard Ward & Peter Kyriacou – Real Men of Genius
1:43:49 – Rami Soudah & Paul Perales – Team Discotetris
1:47:01 – Myles Nye and John Russell – Terrier-ists