Saturday, April 28, 2007

Urban Dare Boston Top Five Finishers

Wow! I really loved laying out this year's Urban Dare Boston.

After miserable weather forecasts, we had a mostly sunny day with no rains until about 4:30 when most racers were safely ensconced in the Sweetwater Cafe. Kudos and thank you to all who participated and congratulations to all finishers.

Pictured are Lydia Gregoret & Charles Wilson at the top of Bunker Hill Monument.

Race-day registrants Sean Jack & Chris Ancers signed up as Awesome, Inc. They lived up to their billing with a winning time of 1:55:12. They were the only team under 2 hours.

Donald Hess & Dave Young finished comfortably in second place in 2:12:26. The race for third place was where the real action was, as we had three teams all at the finish doing their puzzle dare at the same time. Ken DoRosario, a veteran UD Bostoner, and his sister Marguerite Reynolds finished ahead of Sig Fin Fen and the Brighton Bombers.

This clue was nicknamed the "I hate the race director" checkpoint:

"Go to Breed’s Hill for your upwardly mobile photo hunt. Oh yes, you must go all the way to the top of what sits atop this hill. Get your picture with the damaged cannon at the top."

For those of you not in the know, Bunker Hill Monument is what sits atop Breed's Hill. I climbed those 292 steps on Thursday and my calves were still sore from it on race day. You wanted a good challenge, right?

Speaking of not in the know, take a look at what's wrong with this clue:

"Honest Abe freed the slaves with his Gettysburg Address. Get your picture in front of the statue honoring this act."

Only one racer busted me on this clue. It was the Emancipation Proclamation that ended slavery. Luckily, everybody knew what I meant.

A special thanks to my nephews Joe & Tom, Ashley, Alejandra, and Chris for a superb job of running the checkpoints.

Here are the top 5 finishers:

1:55:12 Sean Jack & Chris Ancers - Awesome, Inc.
2:12:26 Donald Hess & Dave Young
2:20:33 Ken DoRosario & Marguerite Reynolds - DoRobourn
2:21:20 Leigh McKinley & Sean McKinley - Sig Fin Fen
2:23:33 Ted Tyson & Donna Tyson - Brighton Bombers