Sunday, May 19, 2013

Urban Dare NY Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in Urban Dare New York.

Congratulations to Troy Miller & Peter Senftleben for winning with a time of 2:07:31.

Yuk Mun Li & James Feng came in second, and Stephanie Lyon & Vanessa Phillips took third place honors.

Mirjam Lavabre, Bastian delalande & Raphael Noufele were the First Family.

Here are the top five finishers of Urban Dare New York:

2:07:31 - Troy Miller & Peter Senftleben
2:14:18 - Yuk Mun Li & James Feng
2:14:35 - Stephanie Lyon & Vanessa Phillips
2:18:54 - Lauren Magee & Joe N
2:19:01 - Nicole Fogarty & Adam Callahan