Sunday, September 25, 2011

Urban Dare Boston top 5 Finishers

Thank you to everyone who participated in Urban Dare Boston.

Congratulations to Lyndsey Van Druff and Christopher Nelson of Team Eric for their spectacular win with the impressive time of 1:32:05. They raced in honor of their friend Eric, who is serving in the Peace Corps and did him proud.

Congratulations to Ellen Vickery and Sydney McGrane of Team I Love Youk and Laura Berry and Colin Holmes for their equally impressive second and third place finishes with times of 1:35:10 and 1:45:54.

Last but not least, a special congratulations to Charlie and Kim on their Urban Dare engagement. We can’t wait for the wedding; all 122 of us. Invites are in the mail, right?

Here are the top five winners of Urban Dare Boston:

1. Lyndsey Van Druff & Christopher Nelson - 1:32:05
2. Ellen Vickery & Sydney McGrane - 1:35:10
3. Laura Berry & Colin Holmes - 1:45:54
4. Scott McKenzie & Megan Del Monte - 1:53:50
5. Fred & Jennifer Leichter - 2:03:41