Monday, April 25, 2011

Urban Dare DC Top 5 Finishers

Thank you to everyone who particpated in Urban Dare DC.

Congratulations to Jon Caley & Mike van Opstal for winning in a time of 1:41:01.

Roberta Shea & Jim Wiecking came in second, and third place honors went to Matthew Goodrich & Matt Briner.

Having grown up in the area, it is always nice to be back in DC. I am already working on next year's race.

1:41:01 - Jon Caley & Mike van Opstal
1:54:26 - Roberta Shea & Jim Wiecking
1:55:45 - Matthew Goodrich & Matt Briner
1:59:13 - Mark Ferullo & Daniel Ferullo
2:00:47 - Gayle Ryan & Francesca McLin