Monday, October 25, 2010

Thank you to everyone who competed in Urban Dare Philadelphia.

Congratulations to our winners Ed Wagner and Nicholas Ventrola who finished only seven seconds ahead of the second place team of William Bodenschatz and LeeAnn Tanaku (Official time difference is 5 minutes and 7 seconds after bonus’s). Third place went to Chris Goodwin and Kim Goodwin.

Special thank you to Chris Goodwin and Ed Wagner for the fabulous photos. Not everything went as planned due to the Independence Hall Clock Scaffolding but it was great to see all of the teams go with the flow.

Even though the Phillies lost later that night, I was inspired by all of the Roy Halladay Jersey photos especially the two teams who took a picture of a dog wearing the Jersey. I should have made an executive decision and given an extra bonus for that.

Here are the top five finishers for Urban Dare Philadelphia:

1:30:00 Ed Wagner and Nicholas Ventrola - Clubedventures
1:35:07 William Bodenschatz and LeeAnn Tanaku
1:46:00 Chris Goodwin and Kim Goodwin -Team Shannon
1:50:42 Sara Dinardo and Brian Germain
1:53:01 Lauren Krug and Zach Guren