Sunday, September 19, 2010

Urban Dare NY II Winners

Thank you to everyone who competed in Urban Dare NY II.

Congratulations to our joint winners Andrew Arens & Ben Schneider and Troy Miller & Peter Senftleben. Yes, we had a tie.

Third place went to Charles Walz and Ray Wadkins.

Our family winners were Sweet 16: Ali Hahn, Cyndi Hahn, Keri Wagner and Katherine Hartig (I don't think anyone had a better time except for maybe the team that finished well behind the pack but partook in all the available refreshments & were feeling no pain).

Specials kudos go out to team PMX-Train for completing all the tasks plus all of the bonus's while accompanied by a very well behaved one year old.

A wonderful team of ladies decided to be creative. Instead of getting a photo of two people doing a piggy back, they took a pricless photo of a pink PIGGY BANK. It
goes without saying that they got full credit. If the aformentioned team reads this, please send us the photo. I gaurantee it will be published.

Here are the top five finishers of Urban Dare NY II:

2:54 Andrew Arens and Ben Schneider
2:54 Troy Miller and Peter Senftleben
3:14 Charles Walz and Ray Wadkins
3:21 James Daley and Pat Finnegan
3:23 Tim Bickford and Christine Glueckert