Saturday, April 10, 2010

Urban Dare Tampa Top 5 Teams & First Family

Thank you to everyone who participated in Urban Dare Tampa. I truly believe
that my enjoyment level goes up with each race.

Congratulations to Henry Gonzalez & Joseph Caballero of the Prime Rate for
finishing in a time of 1:18:22.

Pat & Dani Snyder of We love snacks took second place and Ryan Theriault &
Stephen Lytle had third place honors.

The first family team was Heidi Stephens, Eric Stephens , Alex Jensen &
Samantha Stephens.

Here are the results of Urban Dare Tampa:

1:18:22 - Henry Gonzalez & Joseph Caballero - The Prime Rate

1:26:02 - Pat Snyder & Dani Snyder - We love snacks

1:29:13 - Ryan Theriault & Stephen Lytle - Monkeedactyles

1:32:23 - Ty Rodriguez & Melissa Gunter - givin' out spankings

1:40:40 - Anthony Stover & Steve Stover - The Smokin Guns