Sunday, March 28, 2010

Urban Dare Phoenix Top 3 & First Family

My favorite 5:00 minute bonus, the 6-person pyramid, once again affected the outcome of a race.

Wayne Turner and Brent Armstrong of We Just Want to Beat Jill were the first team to cross the finish line, all of their photos checked out, but no bonus pyramid. We started checking the clock to watch 5:00 minutes tick off, to see if their first place finish would hold.

3 minutes and 10 seconds later the Rhonda Loos & Joy McCain of the Spicy Virgos crossed the finish line with Lex & Nicole Moest hot on their heels. Both teams had the bonus pyramid to give them first and second place respectively. Rachel Barrette & Delores Boyd of the Purple Rain Society, also with the bonus pyramid, took third place honors.

Da Reed-Os consisting of Kay, Ryan, Dusty & Connor Reed were the First Family. I am enjoying a growth in the family division, and hope the trend continues.

Here are the top 5 finishers of Urban Dare Phoenix:

1:49:18 - Rhonda Loos & Joy McCain - SPICY VIRGOS
1:49:57 - Nicole Moest & Alexis Moest - Lex and Nic
1:50:02 - Rachel Barrette & Delores Boyd - Purple Rain Society
1:51:08 - Wayne Turner & Brent Armstrong - We Just Want To Beat Jill
1:58:24 - Tracey Tibbetts & Kristin More - Rockettes