Saturday, May 09, 2009

Urban Dare NY

Thank you to everyone who participated in Urban Dare New York.

Congratulations to Bill Benton & Beau Benton who came in first with a time of 1:56:17. Last years winners, Gregg Plonisch & Lester Santos, finished second, and James Olearchik & Jill Ayers took third place honors.

Usually I just list the top 5 finishers, but for this race I'm doing the top 7. Teams Mandate and Sweetpea were the third and fourth teams into the finish, but they had only completed one half of the double jeopardy dare. It would have been easy to call it a day, but they both went back and completed their dare. They earned their listing.

Here is the clue that stymied them: DOUBLE JEOPARDY – First, go to the park named for the triangle below Canal St. for your spellbound dare. Then, in January we will do the first ever Urban Dare Underground here in NY, a race where you do not have to go outside. Here’s your first taste. Get your picture with the art installation A Gathering. It’s at a nearby subway stop.

We'll be back in January for our first ever NY Underground. It will be an Urban Dare where you will never have to go outside. We will utilize the subway and the many buildings it brings you into without going outdoors. This will be the last qualifying race for Super Dare.

Here are the top 7 teams for Urban Dare New York:

1:56:17 - Bill Benton & Beau Benton - Rum Runners
2:08:53 - Gregg Plonisch & Lester Santos - Judge Smails & Dr. Beeper
2:35:05 - James Olearchik & Jill Ayers - Pretty Ponies
2:41:58 - Peter Senftleben & Troy Miller - Multiple Sarcasms
2:42:30 - Jeanne Reynolds & Sabrina Gomez - Hola Kitty
2:43:38 - George Mancheril & Dominick Sciame - ManDate
2:44:00 - Shuang Guo & Karim Helmy - Sweetpea