Sunday, April 26, 2009

Urban Dare Pittsburgh

Thank you to everyone who participated in Urban Dare Pittsburgh.

Andrew Moss & Michelle Yanefski were the first one's in to the finish. As we were getting ready to check their photos we glanced at their passport and told them they were missing a stamp from one of the dares. Fortunately for them, it was the closest checkpoint to the finish. They went back out, completed their dare, and still came back before everyone else. Congratulations on a fine race.

Amy & Katie Jones came in second and third place honors went to Adam Myers & Julie Sfanos.

The 3 French Hens were winners of the family division, and fourth place over all. Right on their heels were the 2 Turtle Doves. The other 10 days of Christmas failed to enter the race.

When I was setting up the race, I figured I would have racers get a picture of 6 people in Steelers garb for a 5 minute bonus. Then I heard on the radio that they were doing fan appreciation at Heinz Stadium on race day. I already had one checkpoint across the street, so I changed this to a 15 minute bonus for getting 11 people in Steelers garb lined up like they were ready to take the snap. Most teams got this pic. Nice!

I'm looking forward to coming back next year.

Here are the top 5 finishers:

1:43:02 - Andrew Moss & Michelle Yanefski - obregon
1:49:29 - Amy Jones & Katie Jones - The Jones Girls
1:51:50 - Adam Myers & Julie Sfanos - Sam Young for Mayor
2:04:13 - Cathy Bruno, Stacy Bruno & Clio Begnal - 3 French Hens
2:04:36 - Shelley Bruno & Thomas Humphries - Two Turtle Doves