Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Urban Dare Arlington - Top 5 Finishers

Thank you to everyone who came out for Urban Dare Arlington.

Congratulations to Karen Walsh & Susannah Harris who finished first with a time of2:19:54. Karen learned from her experience in this year's Urban Dare DC and moved well through the checkpoints. Well done!

Zorn Stars and Team Goodwill came into the finish at about the same time, but Kate & Danny Seikaly proved to be faster on their puzzles.

2:19:54 AM - Karen Walsh & Susannah Harris - We Saw Russia Too
2:22:36 AM - Kate Seikaly & Danny Seikaly - Zorn Stars
2:26:20 AM - Katherine Neebe & Nick Cannon - Team Goodwill
2:40:33 AM - Fatimah Mateen & Steve Royster - Off the Record
2:41:11 AM - Krystal Kovalick & Greg Kastner - Drop It Like It's Dowww