Monday, April 21, 2008

Urban Dare DC Top 5

Congratulations to Josh Hartman & Kristen Bakotic and Kathryn Boxmeyer & Kevin Halicki who finished in a tie for first place with a time of 1:50:49. The Cheese Whizzes came in third with a time of 2:00:00.

The bragging rights from winning the 3-legged race go to Tyler Herbert & Justin Schildecker. As for the Guinness World Record, we will be submitting tapes, photos, and other documentation this week. We're not sure how long the review will take before the record becomes official. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

Here are the top 5 winners:

1:50:49 - Josh Hartman & Kristen Bakotic - Motorbox
1:50:49 - Kathryn Boxmeyer & Kevin Halicki
2:00:00 - Anna Santos de Dios & - The Cheese Whizzes
2:01:33 - Matthew & Christy Rumbaugh - Dan Snyders Belt Buckle
2:03:36 - J.W. Wiecking & Roberta Shea - Bright Angels

I'll do more elaboration on the race in a bit.