Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Urban Dare Orlando Top 5 Finishers

Congratulations to Ashleigh David and Rino Cacchione of Moop for winning, once again, Urban Dare Orlando in an impressive time of 1:40:53.

The Crazies came in second with a time of 1:49:52, and Dead Weight edged out Psychadelic Mayonnaise by 8 seconds to gain 3rd place.

I've learned that sometimes there is more than one correct answer to a clue. That was the case with where Wile E Coyote gets his stamps. When I laid out the race, I saw Ace Rubber Stamp & Sign located on Colonial Ave, one block from Mills going towards NY Deli.

When I was vetting the clues I discovered Acme. I figured some teams would run an extra 1/2 mile to get the Acme Stamp & Sign shot another 3 or 4 blocks up Mills. It turns out everyone got the Acme shot. Clearly, I spent too much time watching cartoons as a kid. I thought everyone new that Wile bought from both Ace and Acme. Oh well.

We also had our first solo racer, Tom Breed, something I discovered at the end of the race. At any rate it seemed to work out okay. Since our soloist didn't have a team name, I have dubbed him Solo Bandit. Well done, Tom.

Thanks to all of you for making this event a success.

Here are the 5 finishers of Urban Dare Orlando:

1:40:53 Ashleigh David & Rino Cacchione – Moop
1:49:52 christopher williams & Cathy Norton - crazies
1:57:51 Lisa Carlson & Gwenny Podulka - Dead Weight
1:57:59 Chad Kreiley & Ken Gibbs - Psychedelic Mayonnaise
2:03:05 Cheryl Friel & Brad Friel - It's 5:00 Somewhere