Monday, November 20, 2006

Urban Dare Tempe Top 5 Finishers

Urban Dare Tempe was run on a bright sunny day with temperatures a comfortable 75 degrees. It was a beautiful day for the last race of the 2006 regular season.

This question proved to be the most difficult for the majority of racers:

This piece of art was featured at the Chicago’s World Fair (not the official name) in 1893. Get your picture with it.

Congratulations to Angela Sinclair and Brian Andrews who won the race in a time of 2:41:50. We’ll be seeing you two at a mystery location for the Championship Race on December 9.

Nicole Moest and Julie Peterson, the Desert Wahinis, finished a strong second and Scott Mackey and Amber Selby, Chompadilla, came in third.

Here are the top 5 in order of finish:

2;41:40 Angela Sinclair & Brian Andrews
2:58:01 Nicole Moest & Julie Peterson – Desert Wahinis
3:00:38 Scott Mackey & Amber Selby – Chompadilla
3:10:05 Jolynn Iglesias & Eric Splinter – The Undecided
3:15:05 Kate Maurer & Mike Maurer – Maurer Power

The answer to the stumper clue is a blue vase located in a garden in a courtyard of West Hall on the ASU campus. It was a difficult clue for many to find on the web. And even harder to find once you knew where it was, as you have to go through a tunnel to get to the courtyard.

The first clue was the most difficult for me as the race director. I sent racers up Hayden Butte to get a picture of the no trespassing sign just before you get to the very top. A few would be winners, had everything correct except they took a picture of a no trespassing sign towards the base of the hill. I found it very hard to tell them they had the wrong photo. Thanks to all of you for your understanding on this one. I’m sure it was disappointing.

I always love the reviews many of you give me at the end of these races. I’m delighted that the participants enjoy them as much as I do. I look forward to seeing you next year in the Tempe area.

I also look forward to competing in my first Urban Dare in Austin on March 24. Now that I have created my dream race, I’ll finally be able to see how I stack up against other racers.