Sunday, May 07, 2006

Urban Dare Boston Top Five Finishers

It was a perfect day for the running of Urban Dare Boston, 65 degrees and sunny.

Congratulations to Jordan Harrison and Greydon Foil, who finished in first place with a time of 2:36:42. This week I will be booking them on flights to the Champions Race. I did let on that this will be in the mainland United States.

Denise Cheng and David Schannon came in second and Frank Doyle and Becca Master were not far behind. Jason Wildhagen and Jesse Morrow were the last team to make it under 3 hours. Michael Hundgen & Tim Malone just missed coming in under 3 hours.

Here are the top five teams with their official times.

1 Jordan Harrison & Greydon Foil - 2:36:42
2 Denise Cheng & David Schannon - Dsquared - 2:42:19
3 Frank Doyle & Becca MacMaster - Frankenbecca - 2:47:33
4 Jason Wildhagen & Jesse Morrow - 2:55:35
5 Michael Hundgen & Tim Malone - Eagles - 3:01:32

Thanks to everyone who participated in today's race. You seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.

And thanks to all the Keefes and other friends who helped manage the race.

7 days 'til NY, 14 'til Philly.

See you there, if you dare.