Sunday, April 02, 2006

Stop your Swining.

With just 3 weeks left before the start of Urban Dare 2006 season, I feel momentum in the number of signups for our events. Every time there is a signup, I receive and email, so I have a good feel for how things are going.

As a lark, I asked people to put in team names this year. I love some of the things people come up with.

A couple of weeks ago, I get an email telling me that the Piggie Fatties have signed up for DC. A few hours later, the Pork Patrol signs up.

Naturally, this aroused my curiosity.

I emailed the Pork Patrol to see if there is any relation to the Piggie Fatties. A couple of days later, I get a reply that they don't know the Piggie Fatties.

So much for that I thought.

Then, a few days later, I get another email from the Pork Patrol. It turns out that a woman on the Pork Patrol works with a woman on the Piggie Fatties. They had not discussed Urban Dare or team names prior to their signups.

Go figure.I look forward to seeing more creative team names and any stories that come with them.

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