Saturday, March 21, 2009

Urban Dare Austin Report

Thank you to everyone who came out today for Urban Dare Austin. It was a beautiful day and we blended nicely into the madness of SXSW.

I am calmly sitting at a table at the finish and in comes someone yelling, "Kevin, do I need a photo of the egg? DO I NEED A PHOTO OF THE EGG??? DO I NEED A PHOTO OF THE EGG????? On about his sixth utterance, I figured out what he was asking, and I said yes. Kip Fiebig then took a photo and handed in his passport to finish with the winning time of 1:26:21 along with his teammate David Bogle. This is Kips third first place finish, out of 3 total, in Austin.

Second place went to Jason Mittman and his father Michale Koranek, who finished 2 minutes behind. Sorry guys, you don't qualify for the family division. This is Jason's first second place finish in Austin. His other 2, he ran with Kip.

I want to thank Irene Rivers who selected most of today's checkpoints. She lets me write the clues. I think we will come back sometime in the Fall for Urban Dare on bicycles. This will be our first bicycle dare.

Urban Dare will be donating 5% of this year's race registration to fight breast cancer. Now that I've started on this fight, I've started to discover how many people I know whose families have been affected by breast cancer. We're happy to do our small part.

Thank you all.

Here are the top 5 finishers of Urban Dare Austin:

1:26:21 AM - Kipley Fiebig & David Bogle - Vignette-KD
1:28:34 AM - Jason Mittman & Michale Koranek
2:32:39 AM - Amber Green & Doug Mammoser - Holo Holo
2:38:28 AM - David Sammon & Kenton Nelson
2:39:29 AM - Betsy Tieman & Chris Lalich