Saturday, November 21, 2009

Urban Dare Houston Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first ever Urban Dare Houston.

Congratulations to Amanda Felder Derkacs & Mark Felder of the Crybabies for winning in a time of 1:50:46.

Jessica Duco & Bernie Duco came in second place, and Richard McCormick & Sharon Williamson took third place honors.

Carolyn Patrick, Julia Patrick, Julie Ann Gonzalez & Alejandro Gonzalez of Charlie bit my finger were the first family team. Here are the results of Urban Dare Houston:

1:50:46 -Amanda Felder Derkacs & Mark Felder - Crybabies
2:19:54 -Jessica Duco & Bernie Duco - So do you eat calamari?
2:24:14 -Richard McCormick & Sharon Williamson - Dynamic Health Racing
2:34:00 -Terese Conrad & Scott Conrad - The Conradicals
2:38:00 -Rose Molina & Izzy Molina - Super Sibs